Welcome to Suturesoft!

Suturesoft is a software development company dedicated to making the best software possible for our clients. We dedicate ourselves to making easy to use, simple applications tailored exactly to your liking. We never use templates, as each individual product commissioned is designed and built just for you. We then take the finished product and release it to the public, so that all can enjoy it.

Meet the Team

Ben Schwabe

Ben Schwabe is a co-founder of Suturesoft, and is the programming and technical director of the core team. He does most of the background programming used to make the programs run, and also assists Chris in making design decisions for the team.

Chris Gummin

Chris Gummin is a co-founder of Suturesoft, and the editing, art and design director for our core team team. He has created most of the artwork you see in our products, and also assists in the layout and design process of creating our products.